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Shine resting hard

Shine resting hard. He plays hard and restes hard. He a very loving and playful boy. Just turned 2 years old last week….

Ella just had her hair done, she looks so cute…Blue hair baby. Rock and roll cutie.

I was a hairdresser before my accident. I love getting my dogs hair done these days. I even tried doing it myself. The dog was is better than I.

Elley-may clampett

Elley-may is a loving caring dog

Brings us soo much 💘

She  is always with us    at home or traveling

She gets along with all other animals and people

Pepe at work using his favorite tie

This is Pepe looking really professional to be at work giving love and making sure everyone feels safe. He loves People and respects boundaries.

Brady’s Recent Portrait

Brady’s Recent Portrait was taken in august

Shows Brady smiling with his luscious locks  and beautiful brown eyes.

He’s adorable

Floki Working: PTSD/Anxiety

On the remembrance of the 13 service men and women killed, I had already had a bad day with anxiety and ptsd and that news made it worse and all he could do was hug me. All he could do was stay glued to me.

Many faces of Floki

He decided to start chewing on his bed and when he did, I looked up and asked him what he was doing. He stopped dead in his tracks and gave me crazy side eye 🤣🤣🤣

Medical physical assistance

Penny is a female black and rust Doberman. She is 11 months old at the time of this picture. She loves people especially kids. She keeps me from falling due to loss of balance from essential tremors.

Happy Birthday

Mia Dior Cooper just turned 1 year old on August 27th 2021. She has been a great help to the family and actually became family. Words can never speak on how much love a dog can express.  She just lets us know. WE CAN FEEL IT!

Teddy The Frenchie

Teddy is a Frenchie who loves his boy boy Liam and Mom Louisa. He’s plays just as much as he sleeps. He’s the glue between his family members.


Jack, but apparently I need to have a minimum number of words so here is a sentence filling that part in so I can upload this.

Abby all grown up

Abby has grown up into a beautiful girl who is obedient and calm. She follows me everywhere and helps me be more calm in public setting.

My sweet Milo

My name is Milo

i love to play & go for walks with mommy & daddy

I love my family and I like the life they’ve given me

I like to cuddle under covers and sleep .

Faithfulness in training!!!

Rocky’s Top K-9 Sable and white Olde English Bulldogge. Born 4.10.21 from a Blue Ribbon blood line and registered with IOEBA. We present Diesel!!!

Our BabyGirl Fluff

  1. She’s the most loving and caring addition to our family. She means the world to us. And has gotten us through some of our hardest times. We love her so much and don’t know what we would do without her.

Tomago in trouble

He just finished chewing up his bed…lol.

He thought he was doing a good thing as he was waging his tail.

Feeble Coco in the bedroom

  1. Relaxing on the bed waiting for mom and dad to come to bed for the night to sleep.

JB my dear sweet potato

This is JB on the banks of the st-laurent river, on a hot july afternoon. He just gone for a dip after playing with some baby ducks. He strolled out, shook himself off, found a good spot and then stood watch while they bobbled off back to thier mother duck.

Baron of Love Fox Red Lab

Baron is a rescue dog.  Fox Re Lab that has been in training to be a Therapy Dog since a pup.  He is now four (2021) and has completed all his training.  He loves people, outdoor activities, travel, camping, hiking, fishing and much more.  He has his own FB page.

El mejor amigo de Christiano

Here he is waiting for his special treat. Having lots of patience with my son. Won’t move till he says so, what a loyal guy. …

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