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El mejor amigo del Christiano

Here he is waiting for my son, to give him a treat. He loves treats and has lots of patience with my son n daughter.

Good girl Maggie Mae

Maggie is very well mannered.. she is the best dog I have ever owned.. she is smart and very intuitive.. we both get anxiety when we are not together

Mamma’s My Support Dog

She is such a kind special dog, helping me daily and becoming such a special part of my life! Life with you brings new smiles and so much joy.

Corbi with her signature rose

Corbi loves to wear a rose to emphasize her femininity.  She is always well behaved and was trained to be a service dog, at which she excels.

Annie at a reststop by Tahoe

On our way to Fresno, we took a walk at one of our favorite reststops.

I can put Annie in a sit/stay and she will wait for me to release her from it.

If I am in distress she will immediately come to my side.

He do be a dog my guy


1st Lady of Big Dog Bullies Kennel

This is a picture of Ke’rah @ 3 mnths. She is my foundation female. She was purchased from a reputable breeder( @nola_cowboys_kennel).

My beautiful Chloe

My Chloe brings out the life out of me she makes me laugh often and I’m very happy she can be with me where ever I go. Chloe keeps me in shape with walking her everyday to the park or just for long walks

Ziggy and Paulette

Ziggy and Paulette

Just after his bath. He is very gentle and calm and is sociable.

Likes to ride the bus and go to church

My Rider My Healer

I Love My Doghter More Than Anything. She gives me peace and comfort when I dont have any. She is my solitude. She makes me laugh and keeps me in Great spirits.

Coral Mini doxie

Mini Doxie ESD

4 yrs old 3 years trained 8pnds

dapple (silver black brown markings)

left blue eye right brown

Anxiety Panic Attacks Mental Support



Coral Mini doxie

Mini Doxie ESD

4 yrs old 3 years trained 8pnds

dapple (silver black brown markings)

left blue eye right brown

Anxiety Panic Attacks Mental Support



Salvatore Martinez

Salvatore is a very smart and lovely assistant dog. He can notice when my blood sugar levels is lowering down before I can notice it. I’m more than grateful having him in my life!

My Sweet Mitzie

This is my baby Mitz. She is 3 years old now and is the best dog ever. She is always there me. 

The Celery Snack Test

Phynix has some habits of a dog previously owned. So much so that she has been called by the other dog’s name. Lillie was her name.

One thing that deff set Lillie apart was her love of veggies, celery being a favorite. Since Phynix reminded us strongly of Lillie, the ultimate test had to be done. The Celery Snack Test.

Needless to say Phynix ate the celery. It isn’t her fav snack, just by simply eating it shows us that Lillie is still watching over us.

Psychiatric Service Dog

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder


start playing again tomorrow

Jooki looking deeply at sunset. He’s planning his tomorrow and checking today’s passed milestones.
Jooki: Not matter where am I, the matter of fact is that I’m living with Arian, and he understands me well.

Sir Winston Pughill

Winston Has the ability to sense my anxiety before a panic attack takes place. He provides comfort when in social situations.

Sleepy baby rocky

Went to the park down the street and played around  for a couple hours but then on the way home fell asleep, he was soo tired he wore himself out

Daisy Full Chihuahua

Daisy is a full blood Chihuahua. Very sweet nature and very smart. She is very small in size. She is grey and white in color.