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Max updated photo

This is an updated photo of Max in case he ever gets separated from us and we need to find him. He is a salt and pepper miniature schnauzer.

gaïa the best dog

gaïa is very importante for me. She’s helping me with my psychiatric disorders and PTSD

thank you for tell me if she’s lost +1 581-986-2680

Fully Trained Bandogge

Choppa is a fully trained service dog. He is a American Bandogge and currently the primary male for StableHouseKennels.

Remo keeps me calm.

This is Remo my anxiety and depression support dog. He is a sweet and gentle dog. Loves the drives in the car and settles me down in traffic.

Cotton with butterfly

Cotton is a great dog. Always knows when a panic attack or high heart rate comes on!! She is my best friend and a true friend!

My baby girl I love her

Dutch is a sweet loving baby she knows when I am down and when I am having a relapse with my GRBS she’s always by my side never lets me down I love her so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍

Taking care of a stray cat

I took a picture of Duncan taking care of a stray cat, he is the sweetest dog ever. He takes care of me and other’s when he sensed a good personality.

Harley Rosen: Trained Service Dog

Harley is a well trained Service Dog. Please ask before you pet her. Her focus will naturally be on me. Call 650 888-2232 if she is lost

Handsome pants

He got a new bucket hat! Don’t let his face fool you he enjoys wearing it . 😉

Schaf in vest 2022

She is my guide through my PTSD and anxiety.  She watches my back because I have hearing problems in busy areas. She makes me feel safe. Do not remove her from me even in an emergency.  Call 1-403-715-4179 or 1-403-225

Update picture

Harley Q has gotten big now time to update her picture please  she was just a baby when her first picture was taken thank you 🙏 have a wonderful blessed day

Lea K9 Law Enforcement

Lea is trained and high proficient in the following areas

Advanced Narcotics/ Apprehension / Patrol /Confined Space / Controlled Aggression /Tracking



Ada Approved Photo

Hello, my name is Chloe Mae. I do work for my Dad because of his Disability.  I don’t do any “special” tricks so please don’t ask me but I do the job my dad needs me to.

Moe Lilley has been such a blessing for us

Moe has been trained at Soldier’s Best Friend, AZ and has also trained with K9Partners for Patriots, FL

Gus with a short haircut

This is a photo of Gus with short hair. He looks change when his hair is longer.  He looks white when his hair is short. When Gus has long hair his gold coloring start showing.

Emotional support animal

Pics of Tank for his animal support certificate for housing and emotional support animal so he can live in my home with me

Big baby sleeping with dad on couch

This is a picture of me and joselyn on the couch she is such a big baby she loves to takes naps with her dad she love naps and rubs

My Sweet Pupper’s

Charlie, who also goes by the name Puppers is the sweetest little emotional support dog. She is potty trained and a very well behaved dog.

Rory Keeping Me Awake

Photo of Rory working keeping me awake while driving!! She will poke me with her nose if she senses I am getting too tired!!

Penelope relaxing

Penelope is a black lab who is my service animal to assist me with mobility as I am in a wheelchair. she is also in training to work with me as a therapy dog in my counseling practice.