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Types of WORKING DOGS // Service Animal vs Emotional Support Animal

March 11, 2021

In this video, I discussed the different types of working dogs and what makes a dog a service animal vs therapy animal vs emotional support animal. There are many service dog types, and the terminology can get confusing! What about the definition of a search and rescue dog? What about the definition of a psychiatric service dog? SO MANY DOGS! I also shared the definition of an emotional support dog, the definition of a working dog, what types of service dog are there, and the different types of service dog. I briefly touched on the training requirements and flight requirements for service dogs, emotional support dogs, and therapy dogs. Because the rules changed this year, I also explained the changes to esa access rights in 2021. At the end, I shared examples to test your knowledge. Can an emotional support animal fly on airplanes? Can a service dog fly on airplanes? What is the training required for a service dog, the training required for an esa, and the training required for a therapy dog? What are the rules for service dogs? What are access rights for esa and what are access rights for service dogs?

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