Seizure Alert Service Dog Tag


QR Code with web enabled GPS Location. Works with any device with the ability to scan a QR Code.

You Must Have At Least One Registered Dog In Order To Purchase Any Products.

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The All New ADA Registry Smart Tag makes it simple for you to get a custom made QR Coded Tag.

Now, it’s easier than ever — most cellphones enable you to just point your phone’s camera at a QR Code
to instantly get your registration information anywhere anytime.

The ADA Registry Smart Tag can not only identify your registration in seconds It can also help you locate your dog if you were to ever get separated.

ADA Smart Tag

  • Free Tag Activation
  • No Monthly Fees
  • GPS Capable When Tag Is Scanned
  • Works With Any Smartphone
  • Fast Proof Of Your Registration Status
  • Fastest Way To Reunite With Your Lost Dog
  • Lifetime Warranty

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