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Man With Cerebral Palsy Can’t Eat, Sleep As Support Dog Remains Missing

September 23, 2022

JACKSONS GAP, Ala. (WRBL) – An Auburn police officer is pleading for the return of his son’s support dog, Max. The family says their son Bailey is severely handicapped with cerebral palsy and his health is declining rapidly as he can’t eat or sleep without his emotional support animal.

Sgt. Jonathan Gaither and his family live in Tallapoosa County, and are offering a $2500 reward, no questions asked, to the person who returns the dog. Max has been missing for more than 35 days. The family believes Max is still in the area.

They posed the following message on social media, begging for help:

“Please help us find & bring Max home! We know he is still in the area! He is our son’s emotional support animal! Max has been gone for 35 days! Since he has been missing Bailey (our extreme handicap son with cerebral palsy) has not been sleeping, holding down much food, his pain level has doubled due to stress & tension on his fragile weak body, and his INR rates have gone to extremely dangerous highs to extremely dangerous lows and his bp will not stabilize! Please just return him! No questions asked, $2500.00 reward given! My son’s health is worth more than anything you might need Max for! Our son’s health is declining and he doesn’t understand! I am including pictures of how much he has declined.”


The family says if Max is returned, they won’t ask any questions. Max has daily meds and a special diet of food.

“He is not just a dog he is our baby who also has medical problems, just like our son! So please just return him! Do the right thing,” said Gaither.

If you have any information on Max, you can reach Gaither by calling him at the Auburn Police Department at 334-501-3110. You can also message Elizabeth White on her Facebook Page or email her at

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