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International Service Dog Registration for Indy

Member Since Jan 2023

This dog is simply wonderfull.  Indy pick up everiting i ask him to. From crédit card drupt on the floor to pen, paper ,computer mouse, if the dog can lift what i ask him to pick up, he give it to me. When i ask him to bring my slipper the dog find them And bring them to me. Same for my towel when i take a bath indy bring it to me to. Indy can open and close adapted Doors. Exemple if my winter pant are in the bed room, indy Will open the door on my order. i point my pant And the dog Will give them to me.than indy close the door on order. I can give to indy a pen and he Will give it to my friend if i ask him to. Same with money, i can put 10 dollars in his mouth, i tell the dog to bring it to my fient and he Will. Of course indy is full trained  for obédience; sit,  lay down , stay , walk beside my hips, stay on the same spot until i call him,etc. Indy also do all kind of tricks , from the basic give the paw, to make à by by with his paw,  to salut or bowl for à lady, indy love to dance withe me, can play death when i say bang bang and more.  As he is à bordere colie no need to say indy love playing freeze bee or to go for long walk. As much full of énergie  this dog can be indy can spent the the Day beside me when i dont feel good. Indy is the Best dog i ever had. This dog do more then helping me, he is my Best friend.

ADA#: 198386


Owner: Christian Linchet

Breed: Border Collie

Country: Canada

Dog Training Status: My Dog Is Already Trained

Territory: Quebec

Registration Type: International Service Dog Registration

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