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Ivory with her buddy

It’s ivory and my other dog she’s protecting him and cuddling with him. She loves to lay with him and play with him. She’s always protecting him.

When I am having a moment

always knows how to comfort me when I need him, the most. He never fails me. Took me a long time to find someone to help me. He is simply the best.

Freddy my Golden boy

I have had anxiety for almost my whole life, I hadn’t found anything that helped me until I got this boy into my life. He changes my moods in a second when he is around, and just knows what personality of his I need that day. He always knows

Annoyed With Mommy

Just a girl loving her fur baby!! Bored so I took a pic with her lol. She definitely gets annoyed with my shenanigans. Lol! But she wouldn’t have it any other way!!

My Buddy and Friend

Dungy is a wonderful friend and companion and loves me unconditionally – even when I’m feeling not-so-lovable myself – you can’t ask for more than that

Josie’s trip to Starbucks

Took Josie to Starbucks! They loved her in the drive thru! She was such a good girl too!! No barking at all! I’m so proud of how she handles car rides

Oona May 4 years old

Oona May is a 4 year old rescued Doberman/Hound Mix. She was in a kill center in Texas when she was a few months old. We were informed that she was rescued and up for adoption. Her foster mom lived in Kansas and we contacted her to adopt. Through volunteers, she was transported to Minnesota where we met up and got her in April 2018.
Oona had developed her own natural instinct to calm me when I would become anxious or upset by licking my face and cuddling. She was trained and currently assists me through my anxiety and PTSD.
Oona will also be available to support children in a school setting while being there for me when I need.
Oona has a rescued brother whom they get along together very well. He is more clingy while she is very independent. She enjoys the outdoors, playing with her toys, and sleeping in. She’s not much of a morning dog.

She loves giving puppy eyes.

She does beg but she’s got the cutest face so we don’t mind. How can you say no to that face. She also gives this face when she wants something, not just food, but to be held, or a good back scratch.


Nala is a sweet loving animal.  She us not a barker dog except when doorbell rings.  She is quiet and cuddly.  She takes away most of my anxiety by being close.

Leah is all I need in this world


This picture was taken at Hawks Bill in a patch on mountain Laurel. She took it on her self to go up and investigate the rock.

Lulu best dog ever

PTSD service dog Lulu Has saved my life and change it after serving in the military help me go through so much

First Grooming appointment

First Grooming appointment for Barbie, after a year…………………………………………………..

Medical prescription

Familly Doctor’s Référence for Barb as à therapeutic guide dog. We cannot be separated, Barbie and I must stay together 24/7.

Millie Rivera Service Dog

She’s there to have my epinephrine pen ready and to show what I’m allergic to,On her vests.. She’s very protective and loving.

Millie Rivera Service Dog

She’s there to have my epinephrine pen ready and to show what I’m allergic to,On her vests.. She’s very protective and loving.

Edmond is ready for his CCC testing

Edmond has tested and passed his CCC class.  Great job!  This was an 8-week course that took an hour testing to prove he was disciplined and ready to hit the nursing home.

Hannah Stern – Emotional Support Dog

Emotional support dog that provides comfort & love. Helps w/anxiety & cancer treatment provides calmness.

My Bella Klinzing

Hi my name is Bella.  I will be 10 years old on November 25, 2022.  My Mommy loves and needs me very much.

Best dog ever!!!

Always together, never apart!  My safety and my sanity.   The fantastic 6 pound pepper 🌶 . Adds spice to everyday life❤️❤️

Laddie Lou PTSD assistance dog.

Laddie is a Healer mix. He is Mark’s faithful PTSD assistance dog. He is sweet and loyal. Not aggressive in any way and takes his job seriously, keeping his guy calm.