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Profile for Jake

Jake doing what Jake does best watching his mom while loving the sun with his ball before another hard day of work going shopping for his crunchies

Photo of Luna Service Dog

This photo is a current picture of Luna for her Service Dog profile. Luna is an Alaskan Klee Kai who is trained as a service animal for seizure disorders.

Sweet and loveable

Sweet and loveable. Charlie loves to be with people ,babies, and other animals. He is a gentle giant

Loveable and gentle

Charlie is very gentle and extremely lovable. He also loves babies, and is excellent with other animals

Another day with the BUDDY

Mom I’m tired LOL, Chill loves to take naps and when he wakes this is his face! I’m sure he was about to ask for something, he really loves up to his name! He is one coo “Chill” pup

I tell him every day that he saved my life

I could not be luckier to have this loyal, loving chihuahua mix by my side. All he wants is to love and be loved.

I tell him every day that he saved my life

I could not be luckier to have this loyal, loving chihuahua mix by my side. All he wants is to love and be loved.

Beach day in sunny San Diego

Beach days in SD with the family…..Meila can play all day at the beach with her ball and swim until she can’t walk anymore.

Foxy At Home Relaxing

A photo of Foxy (a Pembroke Welsh Corgi who is red and white) at about 1 year old while relaxing at his home.

Angel Baby Puppy

Angel in her blankey..she covers herself up each night to stay warm after she puts me to bed.  She is nice and warm and keeps me warm too.  Good disposition…hide your cookies!!!  She likes yours better than doggie treats!  My sweet Angel sent from Our Lord and Savior.  Thank You Lord!

All Updated For New Home Move In

My mommie and grandmamma got my rabies shots and all other shots updated I am all 100% ready to move in new home with mommie now they also got a tag for me to wear that has a puppy and his best friend on the front and my mommies info,my name,and what I am to my mommie on the back I feel so loved and special my mommie is the best mommie ever

Noble Nova Girl

She loves going for rides and sleeps next to me. We lost her older sister at the beginning of this month and she has slid right in with being my new service dog.

Baby photo at the river

Little baby Dallas and old man ZeusBoy-RIP- probably Dallas first trip to the river! Zeus-RIP-teaching him how to chew on large sticks and logs at water! This is where it all began, Dallys love for water!!!

Kisses in the Car!!

Dallas and Hercules-RIP- giving kisses in the car! All our fur babies love car rides! On this day Dally and Hercules-RIP- show their excitement by giving one another kisses!!!

Dally in Jacket

Dallas has quite a few clothes! Shirts and sweaters- Here he’s in one of his rain jackets on a drizzly day! Dark blue coat with blue camo on the inside- rain just falls right off!!! Keeps my boy warm on the inside!

Dallas playing with water fountain

Dallas absolutely loves his water toy!!! He can play play play with his water fountain for hours!!! He loves to slap slap slap as the fresh water comes out! Very rarely does he hold it down and let it flow! “Get ur water -get ur water” and off he goes! He’s much happier when someone is outside to play in the water with him!!

Bella and Dejon

Bella provides comfort and support for Dejon who has Autism. Dejon is a 16 year old non verbal child. Dejon gain an interest in dogs as he would work with his speech therapist with a reward to see her dogs in the Zoom setting.  Bella was purchased as he continued to have an interest in dogs. Since he has had Bella he has begun to increase his language and learning calmness.

Sophie’s picture

Sophie ‘s pug picture

She is a pug and going to be 4 years old. I can’t live without her, she is my best friend and their for me in both good and bad times.

Boujee and cute!💜

Zoey thinks she is cute, always smiling for the camera! She is very spoiled. Zoey is very picky when it comes to eating. She is Boujee and cute!

Super loyal dog

G is an american akita trained to detect seizure , also trained for water rescue , G has a great personality and a big heart , gets along with anyone he meets