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Always there for us ❤️

This dog is always there for us no matter what, he’s so smart and loyal, he’s the best therapist anyone could ever ask for.

Nola in training

She Is twelve now but you would never know it, she has been the greatest companion for so long.  I can’t imagine my life without her

new photo of Tasha

The trainer sent me the wrong photo.  This is the correct photo.  I need a new registration card for my dog.  please let me know how I do this.  Janie Cafferata

CKA Registered and ADA Registered

Lady is a 4 year old female King Charles Spaniel weighing approximately 12 lbs. Her carry case fits under an airplane seat.

Archer at 3 years old

Archer turned 3 years old and I wanted to show everyone this beautiful dog of mine. He is the perfect service dog for me. Happy Birthday 🎂 sweetheart 🐾❤️.

Cici happily relaxing at home

She loves to sit and watch tv with me and wait for a treat.  We watch movies and shows with dogs in them.

Leo my baby in vacation

My little baby. He is so calm but at the same time so present. He helps me and knows when I need him. He brings me so much love and confidence, he definitely changed my life.

Loving baby helps with son with autism

Loving  boy with a great heart loves spending time on the couch with me and my son he is a very big part of are lives he helps so much when he is not sleeping

My Bestfriend and Protector

  • Rambo is a big boy but the sweetest. 💞

Handsome romeo my doggo

He helps me alot with my anxiety my PTSD and my multiple personality disorder and my depression,ex… and honestly idk what I would do without him because he has saved my life more then anyone I know and I love him to death

Tootsie Stillpass

Tootsie is a Registered Service Dog. She is trained to perform specific tasks in order to render Medical Assistance to her owner.

Bronwyn Posing for ADA Photo

Bronwyn is a 2 year old boxer/hound mix who is currently learning basic training along with how to assist me as a psychiatric assist dog.  She instinctively comes to me when she senses or sees me depressed, crying, confused, distrought, etc…  She is gently protective and cautious when meeting someone new for the first time, but when I or my husband let her know the new person is okay or a friend, she quickly makes friends with them.  She loves to play with other dogs once she knows that they are  friendly and that it is playtime.  We have 2 cats that she is gentle around, but is curious enough that she gets nose swatted from time to time as our cats are not sure about her.  We travel because of my husband’s job, which allows Bronwyn the experience of learning how to be around new people and associate with them when allowed, but also is learning when to ignore people or other animals for when we take here places and she needs to be attentive to my needs both psychiatric and physical (I have a cyst at base of spine that causes me a lot of pain and difficulty when walking at times).

Nova is a psychiatric Service animal who helps me cope with anxiety and agrophobia.

This is Nova as a youngster. Now, she is 18 weeks old and trained as a “Service Animal” by a trainer. She weighed 2 pounds when I got her and is now 5 pounds.

Therapy Dog Who Lost His Legs–But Not His Hope–is Named 2021 Hero Dog of the Year


More than a million Americans voted on their favorite ‘Hero Dog’ finalist this year—and after a deliberating VIP panel of dog experts and judges, the winner was crowned at the American Humane Hero Dog Awards gala in Palm Beach, Florida this month.

Boone – American Humane, Hero Dog Award
A four-year-old hound mix named Boone from Butler, Pennsylvania, took home the top prize.

Boone, who survived heartbreaking treatment as a puppy, bested more than 400 other competitors from across the country to win the award. Finalists from 7 categories went head-to-head collecting votes from the public—Law Enforcement / Detection Dogs, Service Dogs, Military Dogs, Search & Rescue Dogs, Shelter Dogs, Guide/Hearing Dogs, and, Therapy Dogs, which was Boone’s category.

Boone’s two back legs had to be amputated after the initial abuse, and he was fostered by a family with a soft spot for special needs pets. “He was calm as calm could be,” said Tanya Diable, his foster mom, who was so moved by the pup that she adopted him two days later.

Boone’s family had him fitted with a wheelchair to improve his mobility, which immediately changed him. Charley Diable said it was the first time he ever wagged his tail—and he’s been a dog on a mission ever since.

“The light bulb just clicked,” says Tanya. “He was amazing after that.”

POPULAR: Heroic Dog Gets Award for Saving Over 100 Koalas From Australia’s Bushfires

The hound’s sweet nature and enthusiasm for life made him perfect for earning a certificate to become a therapy dog. He now goes to children’s hospitals and wherever he is need to help reduce stress in others.

Boone is also an ambassador for the nonprofit Joey’s P.A.W. (Prosthetics and Wheels), which has provided mobility devices to more than 700 dogs in need in Pittsburgh, across the country and globally.

Boone is also helping to erase perceptions around disabled dogs and their adoptability.

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“The American Humane Hero Dog Awards were created to honor some of the world’s most extraordinary heroes, as well as celebrate the powerful relationship between dogs and people,” said Dr. Robin Ganzert, president and CEO of American Humane, America’s first national humane organization, which holds the Hero Dog Awards annually.

“These courageous canines have gone above and beyond the call of duty, saving lives on the battlefield, comforting the ill and aged, and reminding us of the powerful, age-old bond between animals and people.”

Mouse being Mouse

Mouse is here with me through everything I do. He saves me everyday He keeps me up and moving around. He keeps me from mirgranes and all my pain.

Chief at the waterfall

Chief is always by my side. He keep me calm and helps me control my anxiety induced by PTSD. We love to hike and explore! He is an amazing and smart dog.

Peni Layne our little savior

Peni is trained in heart arrhythmia for my husband’s Heart Attack this past May 2021.

She will only bark if she senses a problem to alert us. She does not bark otherwise.

Ragnar the Viking King

My puppy love, Ragnar. He is my everything and makes life worth living. I would be so lost without him. People don’t deserve dogs… they are a very special gift and should be treated as such.

Nova Tagalog girl

Cattle dog terrier mix, female, spayed, fully vaccinated, black and white, scar on right paw, ADA registered ESA dog.  Pic incl.

Bruno my Service Angel

Bruno is 2yrs old, enrolled in Therapy School as well. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.mmmmmmmmmmmm……

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