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Brabyboy my savior

The best service dog ever!

He is the calm to my storms.

He is a light to my darkness.

Brabyboy my savior

The best service dog ever!

He is the calm to my storms.

He is a light to my darkness.

Taking it easy and just looking cute

Timber relaxing on his bed in the living room before going out for a day. Initial look is one of inquiry and patience and just trying to look cute

Tia summer 2021

Taken while on one of her many walks. Tia loves going outside, especially in the summer. She can run and chase birds, squirrels or rabbits.

Mr Ruger Campbell

This is Ruger my emotional support dog he helps with several aspects of my life such as anxiety , stress and crowds .

Bruiser Brown ADA Service Dog

Bruiser Brown, ADA Service Dog, Winter Park, Florida. Owner Rebekah Brown. Medical Alert Training Completed July 2020.

Dexter after a shower

After a bath Dexter loves getting wrapped in his bath robe. With the hood up he looks like a boxer about to enter the ring haha.

There is no title for the photo. It’s a pic of Lucy.

If I had something to say about the photo I would probably just say it to Lucy.

I have conversations with her constantly so maybe I’ll ask her.

Now I nned to use a minimum of 15 characters up here..?


I’m just trying to take up space and meet the “quota” of 100 characterinimum to save my image(s)😠

I’m humming Hakuna Matada to myself & Lucy right now.

I just do as I’m asked.

She pretends to not like the camera…😒 However; she’s too sweet of a dog to do anything about it😂

She really is Awesome. I have MS and have balance issues. I literally cannot go anywhere without her helping me with balance.

My baby boy Noah

Noah is a loving being that has helped me with my anxiety,  panic attacks and stress problems and helps me to sleep all night. We take him everywhere with us and has been trained with E-Collar.

Wizard Wilhite.

Wizard is my Emotional Support Animal.  He is more like my baby. Wizard is always ready to give sunngles and kisses whenever needed.

Sir Buddy Shepherd’s Service Dog’s Vest

Just after Sir Buddy Shepherd was Registered and Certified with USA SERVICE DOGS as a Service Dog, I ordered him a nice Service Dog Vest and he wore it proudly.  


Sir Buddy Shepherd 7th Birthday

Sir Buddy Shepherd is a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog and he was given to me on March 13th 2013 at the Biloxi Mississippi Lighthouse Pier.

Sir Buddy Shepherd saved my Life by pulling me out of a fire when he was 2 years old. I was seriously burned in 50% of my upper body have been damaged and I had to receive skin grafts I was in a coma for 2 and 1/2 months and in the hospital for 4 and 1/2 months. Buddy went through and training to assist me in to help me with PTSD, and Paranoia. When he senses that I am in fear of something he knows to place himself between me and whatever it is that I fear. And he sits on my feet letting me know that he is there in front of me to protect me from any harm. He will even climb in my lap if he feels that he needs to do so to calm me down.

Best thing about a Pitbull is the Smiles and the Love

Nothing says a happy dog more than a big smile on their face. I Know Igor is happy when he has a big ear to ear grin. He also gives me lots of love and kisses.

Ciroc Emotinoal Support Dog

Ciroc is my Emotional Support companion. He provides the emotional support needed to assist when things are out of sorts.

Are you ready to ride?

Hes our Service dog, he helps my husband, get off the floor when he falls. Petey backs up to him as to help pull up on him. He also helps with our PTSD, Anxiety by licking us and showing us unconditional love.

Dakota Rosenbaum

Dakota is a sweet, timid and loving girl. She has the sweetest disposition and is the most loving companion. She smiles all the time.

Princess out in the sun

We got Princess to help with Rachel’s PTSD and Panic Attacks.  Whenever she feels one coming on, she’ll hop up onto the chair and nestle up on her lap.

Chloe Mehal ready for Service

Chloe is an 11 year old Chihuahua who was rescued in 2019 with the help of Marley’s Mutt’s, a Southern California rescue group.