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Nina’s Nuñez new look for 2021

Mother’s day May 9, 2021, Nina at her leisure. Nina is now 21 months old and weight almost 10 pounds. She is my lap fur baby.  She is adorable.  I love my fue baby Nina. a whole lot. She’s my comfort when I am down and sad.

I like my new bandanna

I registered Sparky over a year ago, then COVID hit. He is so proud and wanting to go people who are ill.

Sleeping soundly

I just love to catch Gracie Lee sleeping, she dreams alot. I wonder 🤔 what she’s doing in her dream. Barking at someone or running.

Sleeping soundly

I just love to catch Gracie Lee sleeping, she dreams alot. I wonder 🤔 what she’s doing in her dream. Barking at someone or running.

Apollo posing for the photo

This was during our last walk in Hoboken. We used to walk by the Hudson River in the mornings. We are living in Brooklyn now.

That’s her profile picture

Branca is the most loving friend I have. She saved my life as I was battening severe anxiety. She changed my life just by giving her gracious support  which has been fundamental for my emotional health.

Down Time When Not Working

When I’m not helping mom, I love a frisbee or a ring to play tug with! I’m the strongest!! I also LOVE my nap time, especially with mom!

Me, being really sick

I had COVID, and Willow would not leave my sight. Her food n water had to be brought into my room.

Willow ready for Holiday

I put this on Willow, or course she didn’t like it.  But after awhile she was ready for the VALENTINE’S DAY DANCE..

Willow n I being silly

http://Me and my Best friend. Willow is my happiness when I need it

Here’s looking at you kid

I was loving on her and I took it.  My friends all say it is the best yet of her. It was her birthday.

The one and only Kilo Versace

That face tho . Kilo is one of a kind . It never takes long to realize how special he is at first meet. He has such facial expressions you would start to think he was human and he had no problem letting you know when he has had enough of your b.s when he let’s out one of his many “huff & puffs” but at the end of the day he will always be there to snuggle your nightmares away  meanwhile taking up the whole dawn bed at the same time.

Destiny Arroyo Datil (PTSD Service Dog)

Destiny Arroyo Datil training was certified by a Veterans’s Affairs physician on 24 May 2021. She has completed all mandatory training and is ready to serve her duties as a PTSD service dog.

Our #1 handsome fur baby

He is listening to his mama talk to him . I love Hims so much.   He  helps me with so much in my life . He lets me know when I’m about have a seizure or when bs is dropping.

Oliver Chico suave

The little guy that saved my life. He actually would lick and scratch my shoulder. So I went to dermatologist and it was melanoma.

Aero my ptsd pet

Aero is the one on the left, she is my ptsd therapy pet.  She is amazing and always watches me.  Becoming a therapy dog was second nature to her.

My specially made just for me road doggie from God!.

She is patient, a chill doggie, very attentive to me she keeps me on my toes and active by walking her and caring for her needs she loves cats and farm animals loves hiking trails and she won’t eat if I don’t do a dance and sing a prayer before she eats.

Pretty Puppy Gemma

 Gemma looking all pretty, enjoying her new big-ish girl bed. She is such a good girl, love her so much. I’ve bottle fed her sense she was only two weeks old.. she has my heart ❤

Emotional support Dog Boston terrier mix

Peppers is a very good natured dog she is very smart and easy going and she minds very well and she is good at detecting when things are not right in our lives

My little life saver

Gypsie is my little life saver, she is able to let me know when my sugar levels are rising so I can get a shot of insulin and prevent a diabetic episode