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Sir master king bandit

He loves his treats..a friend made the video for me..says we’re my goodies He is the best dog and my buddy we go everywhere together..he loves working..

Taken a break in the park

In this picture Deebo was just coming from senior citizens center. Deebo has loves to make people smile. The senior citizens love him so much.

Chu Chi Pablo Best Dog Ever

This is 4 year old Chu Chi Pablo,  living alone -ChuChi Pablo is a wonderful addition & he helps me emotional with

my life’s issues.  Having him around makes me extra Happy.

Honey Full Picture

Honey Full Body Picture

MicroChipped:: 982 126 055 355 946

She is a pit bull mix

Color hair is blonde / white

She is trained & friendly

She is spayed & current on all her shots

Honey Head Shot

Honey Head Shot Picture

MicroChipped:: 982 126 055 355 946

She is a pit bull mix

Color hair is blonde / white

She is trained & friendly

She is spayed & current on all her shots




Einstein Kaplan

Einstein is a loving funny and energetic 1 1/2 yr old mini schnauzer.  He is a white and black Merle color and has one left blue eye. He is very calming and will cuddle at anytime and place..

Diabetic child who raised $20K for untrained service dog gets new puppy and starts over


Five-month-old, Shadow, will soon be Sophie Schmitt’s new diabetic alert dog. The puppy will need two years of public access training, including scent work.


Emotional Support Dog

pictures of bleu outside  he is a Merle’s leopard Catahoula Male Altered Trsined 

Bleu Ice Hayes

She’s so beautiful!!!

Zoey has provided so much to our family especially through this difficult time with COVID. She truly is an important part of our family.

Country stroll

Zoey is very playful and loves the birds and squirrels to tease her. Country life and lots of land to run on makes one playful puppy.

Bailey’s summer photograph

Bailey is the most happy, energetic, and playful dog. She has definitely brought an incredible deal of encouragement, happiness, and motivation to do better everyday. She is very adorable, however, sometimes a little too much. We work incredibly together and hope to continue doing so. Bailey is one of the reasons I smile and wake up everyday with the motivation to be a better person for myself and her.

intellengent, quick learner,fetches,emotional support,MORKY is so great for me.

  • MORKY loves to play fetch
  • she has learned so quickly commands
  • Morky gets along well with the dog groomer
  • Morky gets along with other animals

Peace and love will always be in her

She has love and peace in her heart she has been through alot but she found her forever home were she will be loved and cherished

Out for a walk…

Bear & Lexi out for a walk…

Bear is 4yrs old and a trained service dog for my fasd.

Lexi is 1yr old and in training to be the same as her boyfriend,Bear.

Rosie Ro seated (‘please, Mama’ position)

Rosie Ro, seated in her ‘please, Mama’ posture awaiting a puppy treat. She is an extremely devoted girl, always alert to her mama’s needs.

Rosie Ro full body

Rare full body pic of my little life saver. Wish that I could have had this picture on her ID card — so much better than the only picture I had at the time.

Lunah tunah big baby girl. The love of our life ❣️.

Love you Lunah. U the best. Sitting in at Mbh waiting for daddy to get done. Hurry up and pee!!!!! Ur crazy dad it’s nap time 🤣.

Happy dog photo

About a play with my dinosaur. I licked the camera human.  Tiny human distracts me a lot when he has fun with my dinosaur. He takes my toys.

Tequila in his chico hat

This hat was bought for Tequila as a goof. His second name is chico. Hes such a good boy. I rescued him from a shetler but i brought him up from a puppy. His original mom got sick and had to give him up, i went and rescued him. Hes my boy gotta love em.

Tucker the beautiful chocolate man

Tucker is the sweetest soul, he loves his momma very much and is always the first one to snuggle up when someone is’s like he knows deep down that I need him to hug me right at that moment. He is happy and you know it..because his whole body wags not just his tail!

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